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MOTUL Nismo Competition Differential Oil Type 2189E (75W140)

COMPETITION OIL type 2189E(75W140)

Motul Nismo Competition Differential Oil Type 2189E (75W140)

Base oil concept
Type 2189E (75W140) ensures dynamic viscosity equal to a 190 rating while providing a W grade of 75W at the same time; it is an ester compound, 100-percent synthetic oil providing outstanding low temperature properties.

In a comparison with single 190-rated oil for viscosity (or hyper-viscosity), the 190 oil has an increased resistance to stirring, which is linked to higher oil temperatures. But without hyper-viscosity it is impossible to ensure oil retention at high temperatures.

The base oil concept behind Type 2189E (75W190) is to provide the benefits of both hyper-viscosity and a reduction of resistance to stirring.

Differences with 250-rated oil
Generally, 250-rated oil is given hyper-viscosity through the use of additives; once it has reached a high temperature (above 150℃) it will have the property of a lowered viscosity, so that after cool-down its dynamic viscosity on its next use will have fallen to a 140 rating. This is why NISMO and MOTUL chose not to use a 250 rating.

Superior μ characteristics
Because the oil's frictional characteristics do not vary greatly with changes in temperature, the L.S.D. operating characteristics likewise will not vary greatly with temperature, so that even in sports driving there will be no discomfort or unnatural driving feeling. It also provides excellent plate anti-judder characteristics.

The performance of "stabilizing the L.S.D. characteristic" is demonstrated in the NISSAN GT-R(R35) vehicle development test in the Nurburgring circuit, which NISSAN MOTOR carried out. They reported that "the chattering of L.S.D. itself is reduced" at general running.

Through the release of a number of benchmark oils into the market, including the previously-marketed Veruspeed L.S.D. Oil, NISMO and MOTUL have engaged in both actual drive testing on test courses and racing circuits, as well as bench testing, with all test sample oils brought to the 150℃ oil temperature level where lubrication properties are lost, and checked for the occurrence of stick-slip or chattering. *1

NISMO and MOTUL have conducted their evaluations on actual cars operated as close as possible to the high-load environment to which the oil will be subjected, even as far as to use iron manufacturing lubricant test equipment to evaluate lubrication properties up to 230℃. This severe testing method has helped to realize the target performance for stable μ characteristics, information that will be used in future product development. *2

The 100-percent synthetic base oil is mixed with a number of esters and nitrogen additives based on MOTUL's independent technologies, for an oil with the dynamic viscosity rivaling the performance of 190-rated oil, with good cold-starting performance and stable μ characteristics.
*1 Testing is based on NISMO standards
*2 Oil temperatures are brought up to approximately 200℃ in actual vehicle testing, but automotive lubricating oil bench tests in the laboratory do not measure temperatures above 150℃.

SRV friction
SRV friction
*New oil and the used deterioration oil was used for the test of type 2189E.
*Other oil, the tests were executted with new oil.

Nissan GT-R (R35) designated oil
Type 2189E (75W140) is the designated oil for the Nissan GT-R (R35), so it is applicable for Nissan Motor Company's vehicle warranty for the Nissan GT-R (R35)only.

Please change the oil after 3,000 kilometers of sports driving or 10,000 kilometers of normal road use. When using the oil, L.S.D. effectiveness will be quite high (with increased high-speed L.S.D. performance), although wear of the L.S.D.'s internal clutch plates will be accelerated; please be aware of this before purchase.

- SAE viscosity: 75W140
- Ester-based 100-percent synthetic oil
- Equivalent:API GL-5

Cautions regarding product
This oil was developed with the high-intensity driving of competition in mind; please note the two points before using this oil.
- 1. The product is not covered by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, warranty.
- 2. When this oil is used, it must be changed after every 3,000 kilometers of use.
*This is an imported product, so apart from actual leakage from the packaging we cannot accept claims for small dents or scratches to the oil can.

Cautions regarding product
While the standard for changing this oil during the high-load conditions of competitive use is once every 3,000 kilometers, tests conducted by Nissan Motor Company have confirmed that this oil surpasses the former Veruspeed L.S.D. Oil for quality. Take this value as a suggestion for handling oil change during normal driving use as well.

Part Number, Part information:
COMPETITION OIL type 2189E(75W140) (20L) KLD75-RS43P - Differential oil, 20L
COMPETITION OIL type 2189E(75W140) (1L) KLD75-RS431 - Differential oil, 1L

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