Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GAB HA Series (Winding Road Height Adjustable Coilovers)

GAB HA Series (Winding Road Height Adjustable Coilovers)
Front & rear height adjustable, Maximum grip and traction, Superb handling, High quality & performance, AVCS.

The BEST height adjustable shock absorber for the Beginner
Bumpiness and roughness are eliminated as much as possible and persistent setting that gives moderate rolling speed at cornering is achieved, to fit any winding road or any streets in the whole wide world.

Full height adjustable with Auto Valve Control Stability (AVCS)
The spring rate and damping force are set to minimize the sense of incongruity when changed from OEM components, so that everyone, including all the passengers, can enjoy sporty driving with NO discomfort. Also, simple adjustment systems, which are ride height adjustment function by seat positioning, make it very easy for anyone to handle.

Thread type height adjustment system
We have adopted thread type ride height adjustment system, with proper case length. Also, threads are coated with chrome plating, which has superior rustproof performance.

Auto Valve Control System
AVCS is an internal system that adjusts the stiffness of the suspension. It uses multiple layer valve spring to sense the road condition and automatically reduces or increase damping force according to the road condition and your driving style. The result is superior handling and maximum comfort on all road condition without having to manually tune or adjust the absorber.

*All products series of |G|A|B| come with 1 year warranty. To satisfy our customers

GAB HA Series (Winding Road Height Adjustable Coilovers)

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