Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GAB SP Series (Cool Sport Lowered Spring)

GAB SP Series (Cool Sport Lowered Spring)
Lowered ride, Cool stylish, Better handling, Comfort.

Sport Lowered Spring
- Enhance the response speed
- Greater road stability, which gives higher turning speed
- Reduces body roll & braking distance for more safety
- Superb handling and stability on highways and cornering
- Sporty look and comfortable

Advance Technology Cold Forming
In contrast to hot forming where the spring is coiled at an elevated temperature, springs of our series are made through the technique of cold forming (normal temperature forming at a non elevated temperature). By using a dedicated new-type coiling machine, deterioration of the material is prevented and advance performance is retained.

Made of SAE 9254 Steel
Tested by over 500,000 times, compression inspection deformation less then 5% high strength sophisticated surface dealing, durability was highly improved.

*All products series of |G|A|B| come with 1 year warranty. To satisfy our customers

GAB SP Series (Cool Sport Lowered Spring)

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GPS (3.21788, 101.639388)
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+60 19 266 8138 (WhatsApp)

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