Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GAB SS Series (Super Sport Full Adjustable Coilovers)

GAB SS Series (Super Sport Full Adjustable Coilovers)
2-way independent height adjustable, Damper rate adjustable, Superb handling, Maximum grip and traction, High quality & performance, AVCS.

Top of the line ready for competition sports shock absorber
SS series is the top of the line product among all series; combine up to date advance technology with the past many years of experience on road sport and circuit racing.

Mono-tube structure
Mono-tube shell case is adopted to enable very fine control of the machine and aggressive yet detailed communication with the road surface. It generates and maintains very stable damping force, which even stands the intensive and repeated runs on the circuit, reacting to the tiniest data from the road surface.

Extreme accuracy damping adjustment
For finer settings, total of 32 different kinds of damping force are available, by adding the systems at piston rod. Use of specially shaped needle valve enables linear damping force adjustment at every 32 levels.

2-way independent height adjustment
2-way independent height adjustment system with movable lower bracket has been adopted, which enables the separate adjustment of the ride-height and pre-load.

Auto Valve Control System
AVCS is an internal system that adjusts the stiffness of the suspension. It uses multiple layer valve spring to sense the road condition and automatically reduces or increase damping force according to the road condition and your driving style. The result is superior handling and maximum comfort on all road condition without having to manually tune or adjust the absorber.

*All products series of |G|A|B| come with 1 year warranty. To satisfy our customers

GAB SS Series (Super Sport Full Adjustable Coilovers) 

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