Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exedy Hyper Twin Clutch

Exedy Hyper Twin Clutch 
Exedy Street/Race Multi Twin Plate clutch designed for high torque and high performance engines

Features and Benefits:
- The EXEDY Street / Race Twin Plate Clutch is designed for high torque capacity
- with "reasonable" streetability.
- The friction facing material is cerametallic to bundle the abuse of highly modified engines.
-Featuring a single spring damper for both discs, this clutch design has strap lift and drive for both the pressure plate and the intermediate plate.
- A patented system evenly lifts both the main pressure plate and the intermediate plate providing a "clean" release for steetability.
- The EXEDY Street / Race Twin Plate Clutch also includes a lightweight billet chrome moly steel flywheel for maximum performance.
- Again, with all cerametallic clutch systems, some chatter should be expected on low rpm start ups.

Application List:
Evolution 4-9

Silvia SR20
Skyline R32 / R33 / R34

Imprezza GDB

Exedy Hyper Twin Clutch

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