Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brembo Max Performance Disc Rotor

Brembo MAX provides improved braking performance under all pressure and speed conditions tested in the laboratory and on the road. It also ensures greater safety in wet road conditions. The new high performance brake disc guarantees shorter braking distance and provides improved braking performance under all conditions.

Maximum Monitoring of Wear
One of the Brembo MAX grooves has been specially designed to permit a direct, rapid check on brake disc wear. When this groove is no longer visible, the recommended minimum thickness level has been reached; an indication that users should replace the worn disc. Even so, the braking system will still continue to function thanks to the remaining grooves. A similar wear indicator groove, positioned exactly opposite on the internal disc braking surface, ensures that the disc is perfectly balanced.

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Brembo Max Performance Disc Rotor
City GM 2008'-2013'
City GM6 2013'+
Civic EK VTEC 1996'-1999' FRONT
Civic ES/ET 2000'-2005' FRONT
Jazz GE 2007'-2012' FRONT
Jazz GK 2013'+ FRONT

308 4 Speed FRONT
308T 4 Speed FRONT

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