Thursday, May 5, 2011

Philips Crystal Vision (4300K) - Stylist Super White Light

Philips Crystal Vision (4300K) - Stylist Super White Light

Suitable for all weather conditions with added visual comfort enhancing driving concentration during driving at night time.

A unique blue filter creates the distinctive white light.

Halogen bulbs with UV Block Quartz glass that eliminates harmful UV rays thereby protecting plastic headlamps.

It is suitable for all cars fitted with Halogen bulbs and aimed at giving extra performance and safety in bad weather conditions. Every product is an OE product and will out-perform other generic manufacturers like an OE product should. The leading choice in blue bulbs.

 - Produces a whiter Xenon type of light for the best reflection from road markings and signs.
 - Lasts up to 3 times longer than other blue bulbs in the market.

Philips Crystal Vision (4300K) - Stylist Super White Light
H1 - Rm170.00/Pair
H3 - Rm170.00/Pair
H4 - Rm170.00/Pair
H7 - Rm190.00/Pair
H11 - Rm210.00/Pair
HB3 - Rm200.00/Pair
HB4 - Rm200.00/Pair

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