Thursday, May 5, 2011

Philips Diamond Vision (5000K) - Ultimate Bluish-White Light

Philips Diamond Vision (5000K) - Ultimate Bluish-White Light
The ultimate upgrade for your vehicle stylish outlook at night.The ultimate performance bulb with a color temperature of 5000K,absolutely blueish white,with the low output 60/55w its produce less heat and long lasting compare with others aftermarket white bulb,u can use back your original head lamp cable without add on wiring kits and relay

Features and Benefits:
 - 5000K light output, similar to daylight
 - Blue reflection remain in headlamp reflector even when turned off
 - SAE consumption rate as standard halogen
 - Easy installation (no wiring or relays needed)
 - UV block quartz glass used
 - High color temperature output
 - Ultimate blue with 5000K dazzling white daylight output
 - Provide total protection for headlamp reflector

 - Directly interchangeable with originally equipped products

Philips Diamond Vision (5000K) - Ultimate Bluish-White Light
H1 - Rm220.00/Pair
H3 - Rm220.00/Pair
H4 - Rm220.00/Pair
H7 - Rm240.00/Pair
H8 - Rm270.00/Pair
H11 - Rm280.00/Pair
HB3 - Rm260.00/Pair
HB4 - Rm260.00/Pair
881 - Rm280.00/pair

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