Thursday, May 5, 2011

Philips X-treme Power +80% light 25mm longer beam

Philips X-treme Power +80% light 25mm longer beam
Introducing the new world champion in high performance headlamp upgrades. Philips X-treme Power bulbs deliver up to an astounding 80% more light than standard halogens, yet they're fully road legal and come with the same quality and performance put into the lighting Philips sell to OEMs around the world. X-treme Power is a new "must-have" for tuners and high performance drivers.

Features and Benefits:
 - These bulbs use a Xenon gas filling to increase the light output while being 100% legal and safe to use without any wiring upgrades.
 - Ultra-Violet Cut glass, providing protection for Plastic Headlight lenses.
 - Up to 80% more light on the road and 25mm longer beam than original bulbs makes X-treme Power the best choice for upgrade vehicle lighting.
 - X-treme Power (Extreme) is a new 'must have' for motoring enthusiasts and high performance drivers providing a crisp, xenon light.
 - X-treme Power by Philips is the new champion in headlamp upgrades, they are fully legal and are made to original equipment manufactuer high standards meaning you get quality bulbs!
 - Original equipment quality and fully compliant with R37 requirement.
 - Compact filament - new design for the best lighting performance
 - Chromium top - for perfect match in the car headlamp

Philips X-treme Power +80% light 25mm longer beam
H1 - Rm180.00/Pair
H4 - Rm180.00/Pair
H7 - Rm190.00/Pair
HB4 - Rm200.00/Pair

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Sample Car Honda Civic 2001:
Original Head lamp bulb 12v 55w/60

Philips Power X-treme 12v 55w/60 +80% light

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