Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simota Carbon Charger Intake System

Simota Carbon Charger Intake System
Our advanced Simota Carbon Charger air intake system is 100% carbon fiber intake kit and is all 100% handmade. With Simota Carbon Charger air intake system, the horsepower increases more than 10 hp dramatically.

Features and Benefits:
 - Boots horsepower and torque
 - Improves engine's efficiency
 - Heat insulation & forced induction to generates more external cold air
 - Lighter and Stronger
 - 100% handmade
Application List:

Toyota Vios 1.5 2003-2006'
Honda Civic EG 1992-1995' (Big Tube)
Honda Civic EK 1996-1999' (Big Tube)
Volkswagen Golf VI
Simota Carbon Charger Intake System

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