Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simota Carbon Look Aero Form Intake System

Simota Carbon Look Aero Form Intake System
Simota Aero Form Intake System engineered to replace the restrictive factory air box and piping, the Simota Aero Form Intake System feeds the engine with maximum air flow and filtration protection. Simply experience good torque at lower RPM range and almighty top end horsepower at higher engine revving with great sound!

The air vent made of enforced ABS or collects denser cold air coming directly from outside, achieving ideal air intake temperature with ram-effect induction.
Application List:

Honda Integra Type-R 2006'
Honda Civic 2.0 2006'+
Honda Civic 1.8 2006'+
Honda Civic ES 1.7 2001-2005'
Suzuki Swift 1.5 2005'
Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 2006'
Simota Carbon Look Aero Form Intake System

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