Thursday, December 13, 2012

Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube 500ml

The Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube is a product added to the fuel tank during petrol fill ups. It is engineered with proprietary additives that apply a low friction lubricant film onto upper cylinders that normally run dry. With Torco RCL adding to the fuel, the lubricating film of Torco RCL remains to coat and protect the rings, pistons and cylinder walls. This allows free movement of pistons, increasing horsepower and fuel economy while reducing wear and lowering friction and heat.

Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube has been field, dyno and laboratory tested. Field testing has been done with the Torco Oils Malaysian Distributor, Mr. Tony Tang, who approached Torco in early 2008 to have the product made to help solve upper cylinder issue with high performance engines. Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube not only performs extremely well to the protect upper cylinder but also giving a fuel economy as an extra benefit.Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube definitely helps in a great deal when you and inspires you to push your car harder and faster.

Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube is a great product for all gasoline engines, especially Rotary Engines, Honda VTEC engines, Mitsubishi Turbo and MIVEC engines, Toyota VVT-i engines and so on.

Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube

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