Saturday, December 22, 2012

Skunk2 MegaPower R Exhaust Muffler

Skunk2 MegaPowerR exhaust systems are based off of the exhaust systems we custom build for our road race and time attack cars. These systems are designed for highly modified or turbocharged applications that require more exhaust flow than what is achievable with the standard Mega Power exhaust systems. We built these systems purely for power, so if you want a quiet exhaust, the MegaPowerR exhaust is not for you. Each system is designed with oversized tubing and mufflers to achieve the additional flow that is required for high horsepower vehicles. MegaPowerR exhausts are perfect for very high-output naturally aspirated vehicles and basic turbocharged and supercharged vehicles.

Features & Benefits:
 - Optimizes Usable HP and Torque
 - Ideal for Highly Modified NA Vehicles
 - Ideal for Turbocharged Vehicles
 - JDM Super N1 Styling
 - Optimized Free-Flow Design
 - Oversized Tubing
 - Super Low Restriction Oversized Muffler
 - Robotically TIG Welded
 - T-304 Stainless Steel
 - Precision CNC Mandrel Bent
 - Includes Removable Silencer
 - Suitable for Honda Civic EG6, EK9, Integra DC2 and DC5 in 70mm.

Skunk2 MegaPower R Exhaust Muffler

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