Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid

Endless RF-650 is one of if not the best brake fluids available at any price. Used in the top categories of motorsport, including Formula One, WRC, and Touring cars. Original equipment on all Porsche factory racecars and recognized by circuit users worldwide. The RF-650 was developed for endurance races where extreme high temperature stability is required, but suitable for all types of competition and even street use. The RF-650 formula boasts highly superior longevity and hydraulic properties with an extremely low hygroscopy. Endless is the official supplier of brake fluid to the Brawn GP Formula One team where the RF-650 is used exclusively in all testing and racing activities. Polyalkiline Glycol Ether based brake fluid. 500mL per can.

Endless Racing Super Fluid RF-650 is a super heavy-duty brake fluid with a high dry boiling point, such as a dry ERBP of 323 C (Minimum) and a wet ERBP of 218 C (Minimum). Endless RF-650 offers excellent performance in keeping its high boiling point. An extremely slow ERBP decline means that it is well suited for use under severe braking conditions in applications such as: Formula Car, Touring Car, Stock Car, Rally and the various other top levels of motorsport. The Endless RF-650 has been developed to have superior kinetic viscosity properties at high temperatures. The DOT 5 viscosity standard is a minimum 1.5 at extremely high temperatures, however under similar conditions the Endless RF-650’s viscosity is a minimum of 3.3. This very property also allows the driver to maintain stable braking during the hardest conditions by offering a consistent pedal feel.

 - Dry boiling point: 622 F/ 328 C
 - Wet boiling point: 424 F/218 C
 - DOT Rating: NA
 - Bottle size: 500ml
 - Manufacture part number: RF-650

*Note: When switching to Endless RF650 from another fluid we recommend purchasing at least two bottles to completely flush the system of the old fluid.

Endless RF-650 Racing Brake Fluid

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