MILLERS OILS XF LONGLIFE ECO 5W30 (Long Life Synthetic Oil)

A high performance fully synthetic fuel efficient engine oil suitable for the latest technology petrol and diesel engines.

Suitable for use in the very latest Ford petrol and diesel engines meeting Euro IV/V emissions standards. Backwards compatible with previous M2C913-B and C specifications.

Features & Benefits:
 - The high quality of this oil means that fuel economy is maximised at the same time as engine wear is being minimised

 - Oil viscosity or thickness is maintained even under the most severe of operating conditions thereby ensuring maximum engine protection

 - Formulated to meet the latest Ford requirement for improved fuel economy and extra robustness using Bio-Diesel

ACEA: A5 / B5-10
FORD: M2C913-D, M2C913-C, M2C913-B
Renault: RN0700

MILLERS OILS XF LONGLIFE ECO 5W30 (Long Life Synthetic Oil)
Rm278.00/5 Liter

No.41, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 11, Sri Edaran Kepong, 52100 K.L
GPS (3.21788, 101.639388)
10.00am-7.00pm, Lunch Hour 1.00pm-2.00pm (Monday-Saturday)

+60 19 266 8138 (WhatsApp)

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