Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WP Pro Disc Rotor

Steel Rotors
WP Pro’s steel rotors are cast using our unique chemical composition designed to increase maximum friction between pads and to lower wear and tear. We build our brakes focusing on performance and safety. ALL WP Pro steel rotors are heat treated before machining to allow the rotors to have a more uniform metallic structure. This in turn produces some of the strongest, longer lasting rotors currently available on the market.

Carbon Ceramic Brake Rotors
WP Pro has teamed up with Surface Transforms in the UK - world renown for their Carbon Ceramic disc processes - to employ the latest technology in the production of Carbon Ceramic braking systems. We offer both OE replacement kits and OE upgrade kits for selected vehicles. By working with our partner, we were able to develop new carbon ceramic technology that utilizes the following benefits not found anywhere else:

 - Patented Continuous Fibre Construction:allows for up to 10x the lifespan of traditional braking systems.

 - Lower cost of production which allows us to price it lower than competitors.

 - The ability to refurbish ceramic rotors up to 3 times in its lifetime

 - Three times the thermal conductivity in comparison to the traditional carbon ceramic braking systems.

 - By working with OE partners, such as Koenigsegg, it gives us the opportunity to work with an extremely high performance platform to prove our products’ performance.

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