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  • Maximum power output: Friction reduction for maximum power and torque at all rpm
  • Reliability: High shear stability for maximal oil film resistance to reduced engine wear
  • Life: Increased oxidation resistance for longer engine & oil life duration
  • Driveability: Maximal polar adherence of the oil film for rapid engine rpm response
  • Easy start: Fast oil pressure build-up and optimal oil flow
  • Reduced oil consumption: Low oil volatility and evaporation helps to control oil consumption
  • Detergency: High detergency performance allows better engine cleanliness
  • Driving comfort: Lower friction level brings engine noise reduction in all driving modes


  • Dry Boiling Point - 272℃
  • Wet Boiling Point - 185℃
  • Dry Boiling Point - 312℃
  • Wet Boiling Point - 204℃
  • Dry Boiling Point - 325℃
  • Wet Boiling Point - 204℃